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Recently Engaged? Here’s Why You Should Let Us Photograph Your Wedding



So your boyfriend of 8 years finally got the nerve or the good sense…or maybe the insanity to propose to you last weekend. Not only that but he wants to do the wedding before Christmas. You say yes, of course, and you’re on cloud nine for about two days. And then….well, reality starts to set in. You have agreed to commit the rest of your life to this man, which is great, but you also agreed to have the ceremony in less than 3 months, not so great. So now you’re starting really freak out a bit. You start thinking of everything that has to be done. The cake, now why did you the think of the cake first…oh, never mind. The cake, the venue, the minister, the reception, the bridesmaids…..the dress, good grief, you start looking around for help. You call your fiancé and you tell him that there is no way you can get everything together in time and that you should have thought it through. His response? He says it will be fine, everything will be okay. You hang up the phone and have a mini nervous breakdown.


There is a much easier way; hire a wedding photographer in the Ann Arbor Michigan area let our team take care of all the details. Your wedding day and the weeks leading up to it should be all about you. You shouldn’t have to worry about organizing your special day. Leave that to us. We will consult with you to be sure you get exactly the wedding that you have dreamed about. Then we will take care of all the stressful details of putting your wedding together. You can relax and enjoy the process without pulling all your hair out before your big day. Here are just some of the details you will need to take care of:



· Budget

· Ann Arbor wedding Venue

· wedding Invitation companies ann arbor

· Themes and colors

· Reception

· Caterer ann arbor

· Wedding cake ann arbor

· Photographer ann arbor

· Florist ann arbor

· Much, much more

So cross off Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer right now!


So other than the obvious, why should you hire us to photograph your wedding? here are some of the reasons we feel we can make your wedding spectacular and give you the very best experience possible.


· We can help get the best service for the best value. This is what we do, therefore we know the very best value for the money. Our experience of weddings means you won’t have to worry about getting a second rate service nor will you have to worry about overspending.


· We make your dream is our priority. Whatever your vision of your wedding day consists of we make sure it comes to life. We will keep everything moving along and everyone on the same page (your page) from start to finish.


· We help keep things stress-free. This may be the single most important service we provide. Too many weddings end up causing stress and worry for young couples. Trying to organize everything or trying to get other family members all on the same page can be exhausting. No one should have to go through any negative emotions on or leading up to their wedding day. We ensure your day is the day you dream about.


So if you have an upcoming wedding and you want to use a wedding photographer in Ann Arbor, you have found the right one. We can help make your dreams come true.

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